We answer your commonly asked questions here!

Monday-Wednesday: 9AM–6PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 9AM-6PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM
Sunday: Closed

  • Sundays, we take Sundays as a day of rest.
  • On Thursdays, we are still working, but we’re focused on stocking and cleaning the store. We sweep and mop the entire store, not just on the retail side but focus on the warehouse too. We’ll also go through to straighten up the shelves. Get it upfront in a nice row. We’re Amish-owned. For years Amish have gotten married on Thursdays!

Yes, we do! Every day we have a 50% off selection beyond the already deeply discounted prices. In addition, every week, we have different specials/things on sale.

The store is 7,500 square feet. It makes for a very convenient and quick shopping experience.

We offer returns and exchanges on all merchandise items except for food and drink products.

At Bi-Rite Grocery, we carry dry goods up to six months past the ‘best buy’ date. Food and drink manufacturers use the ‘best buy’ date to inform customers that their product is at peak quality on or before the date printed on the package. Of course, as the date passes, the taste and quality of the packaged goods will drop. Even so, it’s perfectly safe for consumption. A recent article in TIME Magazine explains further.

We partner with merchandise brokers who resell returned items from groceries and retail stores across the nation. Products we receive can be surplus, open box, package defects (dents, scuffs, etc.), or near expiration.

We have two checkout lanes open. The process is quick and convenient. In addition, we have bags and boxes available to transport your goods home safely.

We accept cash, check, debit cards, and all major credit cards.

Yes, we do accept EBT!

We restock the shelves daily with new items. So you never know what you may find!